Friday, December 12, 2008

Green Pear

Two sick birds in bed, hacking the coughing air
Blows one after the other, the tissues and the roll
"What a pair we are."
"Here's a tissue." It's teepee torn of its roll
Teepees roll up but this teepee unrolls
Both receive waves of winds, one witholds, the other takes in
The inn our cavities frothing waves of remnants,
soldiers in a war, antibodies, white blood cells,
Remonstrants galore...

"What a pair we are." Gasp, heave, h' oh!
Yes, if pears on a tree, we are a pair
Shiny, green and healthy although
yet in is not the same
for what is within see? take one bite, two or three
cleanse your teeth with four, refresh with five or six
yet what grows inside is small, a cank'r,
a cancer, black and fading out in this matrix

This pear fades slowly, if this pair is the tree,
if this pear is dying, so we fair to decree.

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