Thursday, January 8, 2009

Grand Canyon

Sitting up here is invisible
Alone in a private cave
Gazing upon the Vast
In this loft, this solitude
The Nothing resonates in my ears, a
Thurderous void empty of sound
I hear nothing but the wind
It tunnels within my inner ear and silently swirls
A whisper
There is no sound up here
Miles above on the small hidden ledge
Just the sound of nothing--and it rings in your ears
Loud and boisterous, a living death
The swollen ring, a deafening silence
Nothing to hear
Up here in the air
Unable to hear the sun crashing against the rock
Listening to nothing, speaking it nothing
"How profound"
To give silence a name
Report its voice, color and sound
The silence is a constant explosion in
My center, my mind, like a roaring ocean
The never ending momentous crashing and ever hiss of
It speaks
The deadness of sound is a loud gentle ocean in my ear
I can barely hear it.

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