Friday, May 20, 2011

Harold Camping’s Timing of Rapture Unfair, Chinese Christians Say

Shanghai (CVP)

Harold Camping’s unabashed claim of the timing of the so-called secret “rapture” of Christians from the face of the planet has irked many Chinese Christians. Why? The loathsome sentiments arise out of his use of the exact timing of said event, which Camping purports to be at 6pm EST. This puts the stealth occasion during the early morning hours in Shanghai, which is 11 hours ahead of EST. “It even makes the rapture occur on the wrong day,” says professor of eschatology and cult religions Mao Xing Xue, of the State Religion Dept., referring to a date of May 22, 2011. “So how can he be right?” adds the professor. Further dissidence comes from seminary student Chung Fa Yung, who studies under Xue. “Camping’s use of Eastern Standard Time are western and arrogant,” he says. “Who does this guy think he is? When his ancestors were making clay pots, we Chinese were producing the world’s first wristwatch.”

Another student, Long Duck Dong, shares the same reaction, adding, “This is nothing but occidental, chrono-imperialism imposing itself upon the world. Who says major end-time events must be reckoned by EST? That’s totally unfair.”

The nation of China has seen upsurges of dissent even in the streets, with believers and unbelievers alike marching in parades, and holding pickets in front of the U.N. building in the nation’s capital. Protestors are urging the world’s ambassadors to delimit Camping’s Family Radio by means of FCC sanctions to air only in the bay area of the U.S. “That way, the rapture can’t happen during EST. Wait a second…No, it doesn’t matter,” says Dong, reflecting disquiet apprehension.

Additional reports show arguments over whether “judgment day” should be spelled with capital letters or lower case. The debate ensues….

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