Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dear Woman So Far Away and Suffering

You came from the countryside after your husband died
You broke down and cried when the schoolmaster decided
to bring your daughter in.
There was rejoicing and hot tears as your fears
receded like the morning tide inside your pride
an educated girl with a chance to dance
in this world but then one day,

The news of HIV broke your hope
and you noticed odd behavior on daughter's part
and you took a look at her gentle art
that discreet part while she slept
you inspected and saw inept...
how will she adapt or be apt
when she's been drawn over like a cape
the rape that cannot escape the shame and
discharge that flows from the body and the brain
it drives you insane because the school holds you in disdain
they won't be troubled with your lies they're sayin'
but at least you've got a best friend
who is with you until the end to share your sickness
around every bend,

but then
her own body brings a stench when she sits on the public bench
and the onlookers mock and jeer at the wrench
of her anguish
so she gives up and you find her one day
hanging in a sway from the loan limb
a rope so slim; no diadim or joyful hymn
how you long for a purim on a perdiem
the soul of your daugher lies benumn
and as you pray for the healing of a gladsome;
an answer comes bidding you "Farther along.
Just one more furlong in this lamentable song,"
called life.

Life comes along in terms of a feringe who belongs
to one who loves and weeps with you my dear
so have no more fear or shed a tear for healing's wings are here
to bring you near to a man of sorrows who hears your prayers
but doesn't spare your wares because he cares
and pours his fires into your repairs
it will take time but the love is sublime
so rise up sister, daughter and friend
O mother of this child, he'll extend the grace
to repair the face of the beaten space
so lift up your voice, rejoice & sing
for your king has a sponsor for you.
He lives far away, but oh how he loves you,
...though you've never met.

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