Sunday, January 22, 2012

South American Prison Speaks to Atheist Professor

The captive prisoner smiles as he notes he has been awaiting trial for two years now. The crime? Stealing a pack of gum. "I'm so very happy you've come to see me," he says to his American visitor. In the upper portion of this South American prison, where beatings and filth co-join as malevolent twins in a quagmire of bureaucratic arrest, the professor of criminology stares in awe at the man's happy demeanor. He notices the prisoner's Bible on the shelf of his cell, along with a picture of Jesus in a state of downcast agony, a head full of thorns with blood dripping down like sweat, and the deep lines of a worn, weary man etched into his face. "Not the handsome, happy, American Jesus," the professor tells the audience.

Dr. Mike Adams (Sociology/Psychology, Mississippi State), teaches at UNC-Wilmington with a passionate penchant for free speech. Sponsored by the student apologetics alliance Ratio Christi, Dr. Adams spoke to a crowd of some 250 people at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory NC on Thursday night, January 19 at the Belk Centrum, on "Political Correctness, Postmodernism, and Christianity." His speech, which may be summed up as a charge to college students to reclaim the freedom of thought and expression on the college campus in eschewing popular "speech codes," wove a personal story of witnessing evil first-hand so many miles from home. Culture shock strikes a deafening blow at cultural relativism, in the face of injustice, resulting in a revolution of worldview. What did he see?

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