Friday, January 25, 2013

200 Tanks for Caesar by Taxes

When I was under the authority of Caesar, my taxes paid for Nero's parties
He married two men and executed his mother
My taxes paid for his worship, my brother;
Idolater is he, he hanged upon a tree my sisters
as lamps for his party.  He covered them in pitch
and lit them up like matches; he ignored their pleas for mercy
and their gnawing teeth and fingers' scratches.
There was no escape from his madness.

When I was under the authority of the English Church
my tithes and offerings led the lurch
of the rope that held my friend William Tyndale
he was burnt to a crisp while blessing the gale
of wind by the Spirit to open the eyes
of the king sitting regal on Britain's blind isles.

When living in Turkey under the Caliph's mean glare
my taxes for scimitars slaughtering my fair
my fair brothers and sisters in Christ who in fear
fled as Armenians to die en mass there.

My taxes pay for murder of unborn innocents
it's called Reproductive Rights, but it makes no sense
to chop up a baby and put parts in a bag
while the father unnoticed leaves the mother to sag
Her depression and anger are fueled by my money
it's stolen, and never the baby cries Mommy.

When living under the authority of President Ronald Reagan
Or Bush 1 & 2 or the one they call Slick Will
Or Obama the one who now runs the till
My tax dollars pay for blood in San Salvador or Egypt
F-16's to the Muslim Brotherhood's crypt
to murder my brothers and sisters in Christ
or burn the nation of Israel like a piece of crisp rice

Body bags for oil, and perhaps that's the measure
My tax dollars won't drill for oil for the treasure
is caribou antlers more than homo sapiens
Alaska has oil but Arabia has stations
where power and authority call out to the greedy
"Come own me come own me" why?  No one knows, really.

So, here I am a Christian in the God Blessed USA
where my tax dollars will murder Egypt's Coptics away
Fueling the Brotherhood's anti-Semitism
While I'm not "Rapture-Ready"
espousing premillennial folk lore
hoping for Israel's sarcificial gore
as the Old Covenant is gone and in with the New
still Israel is there, what can you do?
Shan't we protect the small and the few?

My tax dollars, oh Federal Government!
You steal and misuse for your own armament
Am I now your enemy because I home school?
Because I serve Christ, and I now such a fool?
Perhaps that's your take, and you have the right to say
but my tax dollars are mine, "By the People," today
Is written on parchment from centuries ago
By God-fearing men, though Deists we know
Who say to you from their pens and their graves
The land of the free and the home of the brave
I'm under the authority of you, it's ordained

I'm happy to submit but violence is blamed
by you upon me for my freedom to claim
my right to protection it seems you will breech
I'm unable to say homosex is a screech
my money in the coffers murdered babies lie in
You'll knock on my door and inquire my children?
If they meet the high standards of State education?

When I was under the authority of Caesar
they told me to burn incense to his name
"I'd rather by thrown to the lions!" said I
"Have it your way, Christian. Now you will die."

Wherever I'm found I'm under authority
but the gates of Hell will not deter me
for I sprout up like weeds and my sower's a Master
the more you stamp out our growing is faster
You may win for a time and snuff us out like a candle
But our submission to you is rooted in scandal
Written by holy men under one who's the Handle
His dominion is forever, you may well as admit
in giving Christ glory without a pitched fit
His Word is perspicuous, now don't you see?
With clarity he calls you turn and believe.

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