Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jesus, Cleanse Me with Crystal Water

I had this vision once about being cleansed.  I had been thinking about something shameful I had done when I was a little boy.  Thinking about it so many years later, I felt dirty because of it.  I met with a pastor to talk about my shame and we began to pray.

In my vision, I saw Jesus standing near the house on the side of the street where the event had occurred where I had done the shameful thing.  Jesus had a pitcher in his hand and it was made of the purest silver.  It was so pure that the pitcher was almost transparent.  It shone in the sun, with holy light.  I stood before Him in his white robe and his compassionate eyes.  He stretched out his hand toward me, and with the other hand started to pour water on my head.  The water was so clean and pure, it was cleaner than clean.  The water flowed in a smooth stream over me and washed off the top of my head and fell to the street.  I began to dance in the water, as it formed a tiny, shallow pool,not even ankle high.  Little beads of the water shone white in the sun as I flung the cleansing liquid up with my flailing arms.  The Lord continued to pour more of the water over me, and he smiled as he poured and poured and poured.  The water was so clean and pure; it was crystal, and it washed away all my shame and guilt and fear.  So, happy and clean, I jumped up into His arms and me held me tight.  I was clean, and I was comfortable; I could do no wrong, and I was loved. 

"Truly truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and Spirit, he cannot see the kingdom of God." 
Jesus, in John 3:5.

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