Monday, July 8, 2013

A Letter for Dr. Wittgenstein

To my dearest friend, Ludwig,

Guten Tag und wie geht's?  Heute habe ich dein Worten on Wissenschaft gelesen, und habe Ich etwas fur Fragen fur dich, meiner Guter Freund.  Dieses Morgen, trinke Ich eine Tasse Grune Tea mit raw honey, dann schlafe Ich.  Es tut mir leid!  Dann trinke Ich eine Tasse Kaffee, some dark roast--for I needed the boost of caffeine (ach, drugs!).

I've read of your assertions that religious language is not used assertorically, and that everyone has a language game in which one plays and makes assertions about the external world and internal life of the one playing the game.  I do hope to discover, as I read more of your thought-provoking ideas, whether there is a transcendent rule for all the games to play or if each game has its own rules; and how did you become privy to this information?  By what means of enlightenment did you discover that in the cafeteria of life, there is a science table and a religion table and a table for each religion and each scientific enterprise, and for discerning the different grammars of evidence, truth, fact and justification?

Are you the one game which rules all the others, opening wide the floodgates of knowledge that there is indeed nothing to say, except what each game-player has to say, and here we are in a vacuum of relativism?

Hoffentlich kann Ich dir verstehen.  Aber, dinke Ich das ohne Gott mit uns Jesu Crist, haben wir nichts for kennen order wissen.

Diene Freund,

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